The company, G.M.G Training Group is an experienced research company based in London, United Kingdom, and has currently established an office here in Nigeria, and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission at Abuja, RC. 686474. Our Lagos office is situated at Suite E324 Ikota Business Complex, VGC, Ajah. We currently concentrate on major areas of training including Management and Leadership Training, Computer Training, Financial Training, and other Professional Courses.


We specialize in Executive Education. Our designed programs  cover major spectrums of business functions, including Banking and Finance,  industries and co-operations, Owner Management Businesses, Public Administration   e.t.c

Our courses and training are uniquely modeled and immerse the world’s most promising managers in a transformational experience that fosters professional, intellectual and personal development. Every program challenges Executives to think and manage more efficiently in an ever changing  Business world, therefore speeding up the overall corporate competence, improvement and performance over time.

G.M.G as a training and consulting organization provides the comprehensive consulting services necessary to analyze and build your organizations ideal culture. We have intelligent tools and resources; our  consultants are trained to measure the current state of your culture and help  you to build a plan to get where you want to go. Our strategic processes are designed for the most effective and comprehensive results.

The accelerated pace and global scope of business underscores the crucial need for both organizations and executives to  continually reinvent themselves. This is why executives with varying needs, we  believe should acquire new ways of thinking and gaining exposure to the latest  practices, hone their individual management skills and learn to apply their  expanded competencies to strengthen company competitiveness, ensure success in the global market place and it is our objective to take our clients to the highest  level of excellence in achieving the capabilities required to operate and  interact and compete within the global business environment and enable sustainability in their  corporation and individual businesses.

We do not stop on the completion of the training we continue  to liaise with you on ongoing training to ensure that the impact of the training has lasting results with detailed follow up plans as to maintain and  reinforce the new culture such as customer complaint procedures e. t. c. we also  take part in post measures of result and success, through our survey and  evaluations.

There are various courses from the list of academic fields and these programs run at various times within the year to suit interested candidates  who may wish to apply for the training courses. The training courses range from  one week to six months or more depending on your choice of course and the time suitable for you.

Our representatives are available to  furnish you with more information, regarding your preferred area of  training, the time suitable within the year, we will also update you with cost.


Please do contact us today and let us lead your organization  to a more successful and substantial future.