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GMG Training Group is one of the renown and well respected Training Group within Nigeria and West Africa States, Our Specialist covers Management, Financial and I. T.

Our Aim is to get our student qualify and into jobs and careers. We do everything Possible to help our student after training, in gaining career in either Financial Services, Telecommunication industries and other Management duties in other reputable organizations.

We have formed partnership and affiliated with some of the largest employers in Nigeria and sub Sahara Africa whom we do sometimes assist. With their employment requirements.
We do also arrange for in house training for some of the organization, by providing experience Trainers with wide knowledge in their Specific Subject area, Trainers coming from all corners of the world, such as UK, U. S. A, Canada, South Africa, e.t.c.

We can also come to your Organization and deliver your chosen area of Training required for your Organization Employees by so doing, given you the money saving and convenient way of improving your Organization Excellency and Employee Advancements.

Just tell us what your requirements are, we will surely do our best to guarantee your training satisfaction, Please go through the list of our Financial Training and our Programs list and choose your related course, if you do not find your requirement in the list, Please do not hesitate to contact us we shall be happy to provide a tailored model Training to fit your specific requirements.

It is no dough the Financial Market it getting more tough and unpredictable day by day. It has now become a no go area for an ordinary person with no financial experience or Background.

The Financial Environment has become so vast and complex with the introduction of multiple and varieties of financial instruments day to day, it is belief that is the only Trained Professionals with a good Knowledge of Financial Market who will be able to survive and take the advantage of the huge money which is there to be made. This is why we recommend a good training Knowledge of the area you want to be involved by acquire a good Education Knowledge and training in your target area.

We cater for individual training who want to develop themselves as to participate in Financial Stock, Commodities and their Features.

It is true that you could earn up to N50million as a private Financial Trader, we therefore strongly advise you to take a look at some of Our Courses listed below and choose one which is best Suited for your career needs.

Please be free to go to our course list below and choose a course that is relating to your requirement.

1.Stock Trading
2.Forex Trading
3.Wealth Management
4.Option Trading
5.Professional Real Estate Investor Course
6.Special Course
7. Real Estate
1. Stock Trading

When you buy a stock, you’re buying a piece of a publicly traded company with a great deal of history to help you determine a trading strategy. You’re also participating in one of the most popular forms of investing—while using strategies that can be applied to any asset class including Forex, Options and Commodities.
At GMG Training Group, you’ll discover why active traders treat stocks very differently than traditional investors following a buy-and-hold strategy. Fundamentals like price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio are important—yet technical analysis may reveal many more opportunities to take advantage of a fast-moving market. And the breadth and variety of the stock market mean there’s a “perfect” stock or combination of stocks or index funds for every trading need.
Stock Trading Courses:

Professional Trader (Foundation Course)
The foundation course required for all incoming students, where you’ll learn trading strategies that can be applied to any asset class. 3 days.

XLT – Stock Trading
A “graduate” version of our Professional Trader course, in which you’ll master the tools, techniques and trading skills needed to produce consistent profits from intranet, swing and momentum trading. Online Course.
XLT – Stock Mastery
This advanced course builds on the objective, rules-based strategies presented in XLT – Stock Trading. It is intended specifically for serious market speculators who want to develop into the complete market-driven trader. Online Course.

2. Forex Trading
Forex trading, also known as FX or currency trading, gives you access to the largest market in the world with over $2 trillion in daily transactions. Trade on your own schedule with markets open 24 hours a day, 5+ days a week. 50:1 leverage, which should be prudently applied, gives traders the opportunity to achieve dramatic results with far less capital.
Of course, extreme leverage also means that an investment in currency trading can quickly work against you. This is why an education in Forex trading, such as that offered by GMG Training Group, is essential.
Forex Trading Courses:

Forex Trader
Trade currency pairs using the latest tools and software. Focus on the advantages of Forex Futures trading vs Spot (cash) trading. Part 1 (two days) teaches the fundamentals of how the pros make money and the differences between Forex and equities trading. Part 2 (four days) is a lab intensive with live streaming data designed to help you develop your own trading model.

XLT – Forex Trading
With its high volatility, the foreign exchange market can be daunting to a new trader. This course provides real world experience that will dramatically shorten your learning curve and help you start making money.

Many investors and traders like to think of their wealth as a “big bucket” for more conservative long term planning, and a “little bucket” for active trading. For the big bucket, it’s key to invest in such a way that value continues to grow while risk is mitigated. You can’t do this by sitting by and letting your broker make decisions, nor by letting your portfolio run itself. You need to find a balance that gives you maximum control with a minimum time commitment. Your quality of life, your retirement and your family’s future depends on it.
3. Wealth Management Courses:

Pro Active Investor
Learn to think like a professional portfolio manager, whether you are masterminding your own investments or monitoring someone who does it for you. Includes many workshop exercises to improve self-confidence and discipline and drive home what you’re learning. 5 days.
Options allow traders to control a stock for a fraction of its per-share price without ever owning it. The leverage and volatility of options trading can allow dramatic results with small amounts of capital. But trading and writing options can also be used to: insure your portfolio, manage risk, guarantee an income stream or lock in a profit in advance of the sale. All these strategies are taught in detail in our options trading classes. Learn more about options trading >

4. Options Trading Courses:
Options Trader
Learn how to take advantage of the leverage of options while managing risk. Part 1 (two days) teaches the fundamentals of writing and trading calls and puts and introduces a state-of-the-art trading platform with live streaming data. Part 2 (3 days) helps you build your own options strategy with sophisticated approaches to preserve and build capital.

XLT – Options Trading
Practice the skills you need to create, manage and evolve various strategies and produce consistent profits from options trading—in a live market where you’ll identify, assess and execute trading opportunities. Online Course.

5. Professional Real Estate Investor Course

In two intensive days, this course prepares the active trader to participate in today’s real estate market. Market information is customized to your local environment and you will research actual properties in class, making “deal or no deal” decisions. Learn how to use the Web as a powerful tool in combing through opportunities, how to obtain financing, and how to put together a team to execute your real estate trades. Whether you want to actively speculate in real estate or simply manage your own properties as an investment, we’ll give you the tools you need.

Professional Real Estate Investor (2 Days): $1995
Suggested prerequisites: No prerequisites.

What you’ll learn:
1. The 10 key reasons to invest in real estate today.
2. How to be successful buying short sales at below market price.
3. “Buy and hold” vs. “quick turn” strategies and which works best for your trading plan and risk tolerance.
4. Putting together your personal team including banker and real estate team (with specific recommendations).
5. “Buy it or let it go?” – examples of real deals in class.
6. How to create your own personal Real Estate Investing Plan
7. How to define your deal boundaries to limit risk and create profit opportunities
8. Where and how to find the capital
9. View Course Agenda About Online Trading Academy’s Instructors:
10. Our instructors are all seasoned professional traders with proven track records of long-term consistent results in both bull and bear markets. In addition to be experienced traders they are also all gifted, passionate educators who take great pride in helping investors and traders take their trading to the next level.

6. Specialty Courses
You’ve built a solid foundation of trading knowledge through training and real-life experience. Perhaps you’ve taken one or more advanced courses to build your expertise in a specific asset class. Now it’s time to fine-tune your skills. For some people the challenges are psychological, for others they are more technical. But we can all use professional guidance to make good trading practices just a little better. That’s what the Specialty Courses series… developed in response to questions and concerns from our students… is all about.

Specialty Courses:
Personal Trading Plan
This intensive course will help you tackle one of the most challenging obstacles faced by new and experienced traders: how to develop a decisive trading plan.

1 day.
Platform Immersion
Your electronic workstation is at the center of your daily trading business. This hands-on class is about how to use it most effectively. 3 days.
Mastering the Mental Game
Learn to break bad habits and escape self-sabotaging behavior through a series of effective, easy-to-use and fast acting tools that will quickly create positive change.

2 days.
XLT – Mastering the Mental Game
Under the guidance of a professional psychologist, you’ll learn to take control of your emotions and stay patient, stable and focused before, during and after your trades. Online Course.
Technical Analysis Strategies
Learn the technical tools and behaviors that dominate the market in order to properly time your trades. Focus is on price-based technical analysis. 2 days.

7. Real Estate
Today’s real estate market provides unprecedented opportunities in the asset class that has created many fortunes. Traders can benefit from highly leveraged transactions; bargain shopping in a fast moving environment; the potential for appreciation combined with current income; tax advantages; and the possibility of a profitable investment that also contributes to quality of life. Learn how to trade for quick turnover or long term gain in our real estate course.

Real Estate Courses:
Professional Real Estate Investor
Learn how to give yourself an “unfair advantage” in today’s real estate market by applying the skills and discipline taught at Online Trading Academy to the local and national real estate market. Includes examples of live real estate deals as the class decides to “buy it or let it go.” 2 Days.