The company, G.M.G. Training Group is a research and management training company based in the United Kingdom, and has currently been established in Lagos as the African head quarters in Nigeria.
We specialize in Executive Education. Our designed programs cover major spectrum of business functions, Banking and Finance, Industries and Corporations, owned Management Businesses, Public Administration, Finance and lots more.

Our education is specifically designed for Senior Management such as Directors, Executive Managers, Secretaries, Departmental Decision Makers, or people who make decisions for or on behalf of their companies, private companies or corporate organizations. Our focus is to strengthen the leadership capabilitie of individuals and their organizations because we believe that the Nigerian Management Executives are highly motivated and intelligent people who are equal to their counterparts anywhere in the world, given this kind of executive training we are offering them.

We also provide an intensive and highly packed executive education and management training programmes for some of the renowned business institutions and Universities around the globe, with whom we have formed a partnership, such as, Oxford University, Crainfield Business School, London School of Economics and other Business and Management Institutions in the U.K, U.S.A and Canada.

We provide in house training for groups and organizations and sometimes organize some training at our head quarters for invited organizations and individuals to attend.

Our course and training are uniquely modeled and immensely the world’s most promising manager in a transformation experiences that foster professional, intellectual and personal development. Every programme challenges executives to think and manage more effectively in a challenging business world, therefore speeding up the overall corporate competence, and improvement of performance over time.

The training programs are designed to train executives to have greater understanding of the focus shaping of business climate, an expanded view of general management as it relates to business operations, organizations, organization structure and competitive strategies day-to-day challenges to heighten the level of management expertise so as to increase optimal productivity in the organization and to project companies’ products and services delivery to an appreciable level of success.

The accelerated pace and global scope of business underscores the crucial need for both organizations and executives to continually reinvent themselves. This is why executives with varying needs should acquire new ways of thinking and gain exposure to the latest practices and hone their individual management skills and learn to apply their expanded competencies to strengthen company competitiveness and it is our determination to take our clients to the highest level of excellence in achieving the capabilities required to operate and interact and compete within the global business environment and enable sustainability in their organization and individual businesses.

G.M.G. Training Group will arrange and assist in selecting the appropriate institutions, suitable time for the training. We will also take it upon ourselves to arrange for all the traveling documents, visa, flight, accommodation and make sure you get the best out of the training.

We provide specialist Leadership and Management Courses. These our course lists below

1.Management and leadership training
2.Effective communication & Human Relations course
3.GMG Computer training program
4.Customer service training
5.Workshop on safety, Security Policies & Strategies in Corporate Organisation
6.Productivity improvement workshop
7.Workshop on effective management of office systems
8.Workshop on responsible work ethics
9.Workshop on services delivery
10.Workshop on office confidentiality & secrecy
11.Advance workshop on corporate succession planning
12.Workshop on health education & healthy living
13.Workshop on effective internal consulting
14.Workshop on responsible driving
15.Workshop on effective environmental protection
16.Workshop on ICT application in the public service
17.Effective security management workshop
18.Workshop on effective Human Corporate change management

Please do contact us today and let us lead your organization to a more successful and substantial future.